Landscape Lighting

Landscaping is one of the best  features of your home and yet it’s hidden after the sun goes down.

New wave will design and install lighting that is custom to your landscaping and it’s best features.  When your new lighting is installed you will be able to enjoy the views of your landscaping and make your yard usable 24 hours per day. 

  1. Determine Which Type of Lighting You Want: When deciding which type of residential landscape lighting you want, consider what your main objective is. Do you simply want lighting just as an aesthetic feature, or do you need functional lighting for safety or functionality?
  2. Choose the Appropriate Type of Bulb: Bulbs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and wattages. Depending on the type of lighting you want, you may want to select a bulb that produces strong light or something that has a softer glow.
  3. Consider the Placement of the Lights: Placement is important when it comes to lighting because it can affect the overall design. Think about the areas you want to light up and where the lights should be placed for the best effect.
  4. Think About Your Budget: Before making any decisions, consider your budget. You want to make sure that you are making a sound financial decision while also getting the residential landscape lighting you want.
  5. Select the Right Size of Fixtures: Lastly, you need to select the right size of fixtures. You want to make sure they are big enough to provide adequate lighting but not too big that they overpower the landscape.

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