Pool Lighting

Pool lighting installed by New Wave Lighting Services makes your pool area look amazing while also making your night time swims much safer. 

After we are finished designing and installing a custom light display for your pool area you won’t be able to wait to host your next outdoor gathering to wow your friends and family.

Benefits of Pool Patio Lighting

1. Safety: Patio lighting offers nighttime visibility, making it safer for swimmers, as well as for when you enter or exit your pool late at night. It can also help you to navigate around the pool deck, and can make your outdoor area more visible from the street.

2. Ambiance: Lighting adds a livelier, party-like atmosphere to your backyard. This can make gatherings in your pool area more enjoyable and festive, and will certainly add a more sophisticated and chic touch to your pool deck.

3. Decor: Many patio lights will add a decor element to your pool. You can choose from whimsical and fun stringed lights, romantic candle lanterns, or elegant table lamps. With the right patio lights, you can create beautiful and inviting atmosphere that you’ll love to spend time in.

4. Function: Not only can lighting add to your aesthetic, but it can also be functional. If installed properly, lights can directly illuminate the food prepared and enjoyed at the poolside to keep everyone safe. Additionally, pool lights can help bring out the beauty of the pool itself, making it look more attractive during the after-hours.

Pool Lighting Services



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