Residential Lighting

It’s time to create the home and yard you’ve always wanted with alluring outdoor lighting!  We are the premier outdoor lighting company in Central Florida. From architectural lighting to landscape lighting, and more, we focus our services exclusively on exterior lighting so you always get exactly what you’re looking for. 

Designing residential outdoor architectural lighting involves blending functionality with aesthetics to enhance the beauty, safety, and usability of outdoor spaces. Here are some design ideas to inspire your project:

  1. Highlight Architectural Features:
    • Use uplighting to accentuate architectural elements such as columns, arches, or textured facades.
    • Employ grazing techniques to enhance the texture of stone or brick walls.
    • Silhouette trees against walls or illuminate them from below to create dramatic shadows and depth.
  2. Create Pathway Illumination:
    • Install low-level pathway lights to guide visitors safely along walkways and garden paths.
    • Consider using bollard lights or in-ground fixtures to delineate pathways without overpowering the surrounding landscape.
    • Incorporate subtle, integrated lighting into steps or risers for added safety and visual interest.
  3. Illuminate Entrances and Porches:
    • Install wall-mounted sconces or pendant lights to illuminate entryways and doorways.
    • Consider incorporating decorative fixtures that complement the architectural style of the home.
    • Use dimmable lighting to adjust the ambiance based on the time of day or desired mood.
  4. Enhance Outdoor Living Areas:
    • Install overhead string lights or decorative lanterns to create a cozy ambiance in outdoor living spaces such as patios, decks, and pergolas.
    • Use adjustable spotlights or wall washers to provide task lighting for outdoor cooking areas or dining spaces.
    • Incorporate integrated lighting into outdoor furniture, planters, or built-in seating for added functionality and visual appeal.
  5. Illuminate Water Features:
    • Use underwater lights to highlight fountains, ponds, or waterfalls, creating a mesmerizing effect after dark.
    • Incorporate reflective surfaces or underwater plants to enhance the play of light on the water’s surface.
    • Utilize colored LED lights to create dynamic lighting effects or match the ambiance to special occasions.
  6. Accentuate Landscape Features:
    • Illuminate trees, shrubs, and other landscape elements to add depth and dimension to the outdoor environment.
    • Use well lights or adjustable spotlights to highlight specimen plants or sculptures.
    • Incorporate moonlighting techniques by installing fixtures high in trees to mimic the natural effect of moonlight filtering through branches.
  7. Provide Security Lighting:
    • Install motion-activated lights around the perimeter of the property to deter intruders and increase visibility at night.
    • Use strategically placed floodlights to illuminate dark corners or blind spots.
    • Integrate security lighting with a smart home system for remote monitoring and control.
  8. Create Focal Points:
    • Designate focal points within the landscape, such as fire pits, seating areas, or outdoor artwork, and illuminate them with focused lighting.
    • Use adjustable fixtures to change the focus and highlight different elements depending on the desired ambiance or activity.
  9. Utilize Smart Lighting Controls:
    • Implement a programmable lighting control system to automate the operation of outdoor lights based on time of day, occupancy, or specific events.
    • Incorporate dimming capabilities to adjust the intensity of the lighting to suit different activities or moods.
    • Integrate the lighting system with voice control or smartphone apps for convenient operation and energy savings.
  10. Consider Environmental Impact:
    • Choose energy-efficient LED fixtures and bulbs to minimize energy consumption and reduce environmental impact.
    • Incorporate solar-powered lights for areas where access to electrical power is limited.
    • Design lighting layouts that minimize light pollution and glare, preserving the natural beauty of the night sky.

By incorporating these design ideas into your residential outdoor architectural lighting project, you can create a visually stunning and functional outdoor environment that enhances the beauty, safety, and usability of the property.


Residential Lighting


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